Photo canvas record changes

Photo canvas record changes

Once there was a village head, leave the village the abstract canvas prints children always after the rain to dig yellow to play there. Then the king of the rich man took a fancy to that piece of land, through various means to steal. The king of the rich man in the crops on the ground, it was on high ground, not only the harvest year after year, the rich man's home is also making the king. Less than a few years the rich man's house became king of local famous canvas printing the online home of Australia, dafu, just the king of the rich man is too stingy, food limited, needless to say, canvas prints au is the household expenses is also calculated, each month spend a copper coin he would show a few days. Home at ordinary times the abstract art is his secret to deposit money, family who all don't know. Sons of the king of the rich man died diseased as a result, the rich man blank canvas decay quickly, keep land sale, finally leaves that didn't sell, leave the barely make ends meet.

To cover one year in the village temple, loess was the king of the rich man poster printing grandson to land to move, canvas factory and villagers bought that piece of land. Dig the loess build by laying bricks or stones wall build temple, the loess with being canvas art about, villagers and skillful craftsman, please use the rest of the loess molded a statue of god of gold. Kim is said to be god special efficacy, so every cult came in an endless stream.

At this time is just an artist to rural art collection, the status of gods. Artists find village head, said to say bad managed to keep the juggernaut is not destroyed, artist stands the images to the home as an art collection. After the temple was demolished, young people think of housebreaking scraps from the useless print photos online Australia, used to pave streets, the elderly while sighing is also there. Artists every day like a treasure house treasure cherish statues, many artists were called to come to visit, is exclamation ancient local materials wonderful artical excelling nature canvas prints Adelaide wisdom. Later artists died, his son had time to sort out the basement, the gods to be carried out in the backyard. Tidy up the basement, he felt gods is too large to move back and forth and inconvenient haven't moved. A day of rain, the juggernaut is not indestructible, loftiness; prints on canvas gods become yellow after the rain. Artist canvas collage son is sorrow can't handle, said his wife would be used for growing flowers.

Artist personalised canvas son of loess and flowers simple canvas origin, like listening to a legend to the people, the old gardener said: wipe a kids' book paper, students take books to learn knowledge, the old man reading for pleasure, as usual prints' thing each one has his print pictures, each one has his fine art printing usage, don't care about something, how is the owner.

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