Are you a "naive" photographer

Are you a “naive” photographer

Are you a "naive" photographer

Even in the 21st century social platforms, canvas new zealand to resist folly of flood, insist on value meaningful work, it is very difficult, some people choose to go with the flow, some people choose be silent, in photography circle is same situation, are you one of “naive" photographers?

1) Are you still believe in sharing photos is for "happiness"

Originally you hiking wading, the investment of time and effort, canvas prints shooting and uploading to joys shared with others to share the beauty of the world, the fun of photography. But the reality is criticism, arrow through the body, especially if you become popular. Level not enough world class will be sneer at by the dark, even with poor level will also be critical, good attitude will be criticism is not authentic, technology will be criticized the lack of authentic soul, even with soul and feel your affectation.

(2) Are you still stick to the "innovation"

This is a "copy" of the world, but you still insist on the pursuit of innovation, the other people rushing, you don't want to take, even if shoot all want to add new elements, new idea. People will laugh at you silly, because innovation is difficult, it's easy to fail, and one thousand is successful, there will be thousands and thousands of people from you, including before people laugh at you. From photography, to skills, to the composition, design studio, website style will be someone to copy and even people or copied without the experience of the creative process loss, resources can be on selling ads, the more famous than you are.

(3) Are you still insisting image should reflect only the facts?

There are a lot of photographers, reporters, experts will try to crack false figure false image, but you still continue………

4) Will you spend 10 hours to prepare instead of spending 1 hour to Photoshop?

Use Photoshop absolutely is not equal to fault, after the system is just a part of the photography, depending on how you use. And some of the photographers, insist that as far as possible in the early attitude, don't want anything by late repair, because for them, photography is not only "finished goods", and access to process is also an important link of manufactured goods, many hope to show you can do it.

5) Would you prefer to be busy to take the real ecological photography?

Sitting in front of a computer is easy to criticize others pseudo ecological photography, but want to photograph really brilliant works of ecological, actually very difficult, because it involves your understanding of ecology, and endless waiting. When you "naive" waiting for the miracle of ecology, hard to study animal behavior, your photos are ordinary no one praised you, or will end up on the road to compromise. No, there are still many photographers is "naive" only took photos of the normal ecological not strange behavior, and even send pictures don't, but who will remember you?

(6) Are you still polite to share photography, serious and humble attitude?

Has a large number of cases shows online, you quiet and polite s very hard, but you are hot, grandiose, controversial can attract more attention, slightly after a "being" people would accept, landed successfully. So polite to share photography seriously, it is better to mean to criticize other people's work.

Don't get me wrong I laugh at "naive", on the contrary, because there are so many insist on the network of photography, photographers, a lot of valuable information and works will be preserved, rectangle shape of photos on canvas and not always only the crowd booing, error messages and attitude. It's not worth us to appreciate?

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How to take personality private photos

How to take personality private photos

How to take personality private photos

When taking a picture of your own, canvas printing australia perhaps because narcissism, perhaps because you do not want to waste the moment of a good view. I have watched a lot of photography masters take a picture of themselves, I knew that my technology is not high, but there will be a lot of people still very curious about how do you take picture for myself? The following are my experience, hope them can let you also take a nice photo on your own.

  1. Something to prepare before shooting

The equipment I used for shooting is the SLR camera + tripod + remote control shutter.

Step 1: turn the camera to the RAW format, cheap canvas prints au which will be convenient for late white balance.

Step 2: always operate with tripod, because there are so many buttons the individual feels the tripod, camera angles and different button control… And the light will not wait for you, if you are not familiar with it, it is likely to miss the good light.

  1. What do you want to shooting?

If you want to shoot for the paintings come out little fairy daughters, or the tide model in the Japanese magazine? That is no problem, but need to set a theme, clothing, scene, props, makeup look is important. Many photographers take in the first place is taken indoors, himself out to a face, after all, everyone's eyes. In the outdoor, tripod placement, the use of the light of what, want to take a good soap flakes of difficulty, mature technology, such as less to people outside.

  1. design action, scene

Actually when you take a picture for yourself, nobody controls you, so you can follow one's inclinations put all sorts of modeling. But because there is no one to help you watch your viewfinder, so everything is finished and only the feel inadequate and then observed before. But in my photo shooting portraits numerous senior experience (ha ha, good for shame), shooting to give priority to with natural light, expressive of what are still second, nature is the most important.

  1. Make full use of anything you can use, the props match theme.

If the picture you take is the afternoon girl theme, you could use a cup or a book, enjoy afternoon tea, reading a book. If not face, also can be your body, your body movements, this will give people the imagination, even more mysterious. You can take your clothes as props, such as I was with these clothes, simulation oil painting in the feeling, like in meditation, having a rest.

  1. one person ACTS the role of the two Angle (or more)

After I took this photo before, someone asked, both are you? Double exposure also asked? In fact this is common in the autodyne a late technology, although a person take, so you can to think of myself as a number of different roles, there will be a lot of interaction between them. Specific means is that good tripod filming a scene without people, to shoot a few different yourself, late last put them all in that scene, to no one to wipe off the figures overlap. It is important to note that because of the need to shoot the same scene a couple of different shapes, so attention should be paid to the tripod in the process, can't move, but also to control the time finished in a few short minutes, guarantee the light is not too big change.

  1. To find you the most beautiful Angle.

Take your advantage than others in where? Because you are a person hold the overall situation, so what are you the decided to take, which Angle to shoot people, even if taken early is not good, don't worry, later when screening out the good. So you want to find my beautiful Angle, lateral good-looking will take sides, positive good is more positive.

  1. the use of the light

The importance of light aren't going to be here, if you are outdoors, in the morning and evening sun is more suitable for shooting. If it is indoor, pat is a good choice in window edge, because slightly light can highlight the outline of the characters, also easy to create different effects. And taken in by the window, I like to have a thin layer of white gauze curtain, the principle of simulated diffusers. But what do you need to do if there is no ideal light condition? You can choose a few auxiliary light source, such as desk lamp, candle. Mainly is to illuminate the face or is you need to highlight the outline.

These are relatively simple content, rectangle photo canvas prints although some things may seem more complex, and the start when take you might have taken lots of photos virtual focus photos, a lot of looks strange ugly picture composition. But to try, when you take a good photo, you will experience the fun of the autodyne gradually, can take good photos for yourself is unspoken sense of accomplishment.

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Vertical printing and framing the picture

Vertical printing and framing the picture

Vertical printing and framing the picture

Let me show a temporary busy light, enviable. But time goes by, sometimes busy, canvas prints new zealand and soon I had dim down. Vertical bloom again, but also a smile as ever, I am still me, just live in my eyes, and not in another photo printing paper in the eyes and mouth.

Ma'am, long passage of time, can also retain only memories. Past scenes replay the last scene, leaving canvas transfer prints people still familiar and beautiful, and it never seems to change. I am very clear that these beautiful memories most of all my wishful thinking. In that light reveals the time, I have a lot, do not care that surrounded me was sincere or insincere, cheap canvas prints and it is hailed as one of satisfied vanity and pride. Until I live alone again, to recognize is so easy to lose, but still miss that period of heart, even if alone, but also to enjoy the lively where to get canvas prints cheap time.

Once the wounds are slowly healing, but I always inadvertently when tearing wounds that heal slowly plus slow. I do not remember how cynical suffered through those days where can I get a canvas print made, just like I remember walking in the darkness, like that time, cannot see any light, only continue to spread to the ears in irony and ridicule tell me all the good have been recovered. I do not know how long to find their way, I was out of the darkness, once again bathed in sunlight. I hate why let me get everything again overnight after all taken away, and now I would like to thank this experience allowed me to grow and be strong, let me bearish gains and losses, not mind the others imposed on me turn all kinds of pictures into canvas prints, can confidently live their day.

In the past, I think happiness need to show off, and then get the envy of others; I have canvas prints with free shipping will be more happiness. Later, when I lost my bragging rights, others suffer ridicule after, I am still happy. It turned out that I belong to printing on canvas happiness just enough hard feelings alone, without care about the opinions of others. Happiness is not to rely on sports to increase, but with the treasure to protect. Sports out of happiness should be called vanity, allowing the heart to meet for a while, but it will empty much longer. Living people drinking water, as long as I feel happy canvas prints, then I'm a happy man. Perhaps in others it seems that some of my miserable life, but I was still able to give me a smile face life test.

Walk from the bustling desolate, I experienced a great sunset canvas prints ups and downs of life, I tried to see the people's well-being, and has lost bearish. I never regretted this was passed, let me know what is transient variable, what is never change. I could not understand was why God and I want to open a canvas printing prices so not funny joke, but then I realized, perhaps only experienced people will understand: the past is not to regret or remorse, just quietly recalled enough; pain is not used to hate his own weakness, but to personal growth; happiness is not to show off canvas prints reviews, and hard to feel like a treasure.

 Vertical bloom again, also smiles ever. Whether it is good or bad, I cannot change my floral prints on canvas smile. Regardless of the situation, I have been smiling, metal prints brave the storm of life, cherish the happiness can in her hand, bid farewell to the pain of the past, look at the scenery to make life, I do not care to go canvas to print a broad road or trail, just been go forward until you reach the end of life.

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Cheap printing listening loneliness

Cheap printing listening loneliness

Cheap printing listening loneliness

Listen to the lonely night paintings. Even if I look to the direction of home, canvas prints australia thoughts gradually approximation finally burst into my mind, lonely night let me forget the hustle and bustle of the day, as if the day and I irrelevant. Facing loneliness can do what, only in the bottom of my heart constantly gushing scenes you cheap business cards smile, the hearts of the missing is like a hill stream continuously flowing, looted the only the hearts of happy.
They say miss is also a kind of happiness, but I also said afraid some people bear not the happiness had many tears the, lonely in the most easy to miss, Inure heart ache only, could not get close to, can't hug, perhaps this is the Miss Gisele root cause, the helplessness of life will we separated, deep feelings let us miss each other, Miss waves undulating, will eventually Miss surge up the beach.
Quiet canvases night, far from the high-rise stands in the dark of the night, canvas prints online late at night, the floor window lights gradually scarce, waiting for under an extinguished lamp floor window, I think, whether you also have lights out to sleep, very did not want to you and I also like this suffered Acacia bitter.
Sleeping in a day of night is lit up art online Australia neon wake, the square in the summer is very busy in pairs, groups, people enjoy the cool night, dancing, playing badminton, not far from a family of three wearing parent-child loaded hip with a smile came, young men and women walk in the flowers and trees from the pavilion canvas painting ideas between lanes seems to in the warm to the other side of the heart. In order to avoid the lonely night choose to walk, walked the steps of sorrow and looked at their happiness, thoughts like overflow full of cheap art pond pouring out.
I think you in my side this is good, no matter the future dream how far the road is bumpy, at least we can embrace in the mornings and evenings, flood of Xinhua not filled with Miss, the star had been long wandering online business cards can also return to the warmth of the other side. Rotating the volume button on the music player intentionally of make it big, the sound of music covering the quiet night, I here lonely or prints Australia miss you, only tried to know everything can not cover all I'm here for your thoughts.
V. as the soul of the lonely, endless lovesickness pain, I am listening to yourself is to tell their own? I also lost, in short in each night are winding oil on canvas sad thoughts, could not escape from the mind of imprisonment, reluctant to leave the palm of the balcony, perhaps here is away from the nearest place for you.
Perhaps the words as a farewell to harvest the too many thoughts, a heavy buy canvas heart will be blooming in summer and grey, the heart is not in the downtown, the rest of the body and how can nonetheless got in here, listen to lonely? Spirits in a cup of enema belly, Acacia bitter for worry, dark night, like a picture without color printing Australia picture, showing only the lonely, and is the author of lonely people, every one put pen to paper with a deep thoughts, and how, because of the inability to meet only can tap the memory will you let Yan to depict a picture scroll, hanging on the wall on the fantasy you exist, photo canvas online only in this way can we comfort amorous themselves. Summer solstice has in the past summer no longer evolution, slowly order prints online began to chase the autumn, autumn is a harvest season, is also a sentimental DOS season leaves with the pain left the trees. This is for autumn, flowers and gave up his beautiful; this is the autumn day, think of the song. This is for autumn, not embracing only miss.

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