shoot endless photographic subjects

5 never shoot endless photographic subjects

5 never shoot endless photographic subjects

There are also different each person their favorite photographic subjects can be landscape, canvas printing nz portrait, macro, etc., but always find more shot seemed like no photographic subjects, If thou have a similar feeling, try a daily theme, training your eye camera super helpful ah! Pay attention when photographing these themes you can use any camera. Sometimes a simple DC portable or fixed focal length lens better!

(A) looking color
The world is full of color, you can try to establish their own set some goals, photo printing nz such as:

Photo Gallery theme colors (look for the red, orange, blue, etc.)
Strongly contrasting colors (such as red, green, blue, yellow, etc.)

Market / wet market is a good place to search for color!

(B) the lighting contrast
This theme is very interesting contrast of light and shadow, metal prints after taking the first point of the color, the camera can be transferred to black and white mode, and careful attention to lighting effects around, explore light and shadow appear, you can any time of the day this exercise, During the day I watch the sunrise, noon and sunset the sun; at night you can watch the light emitted by street lights, neon tubes and shadows it produces.
Even the color photos, you can find a strong contrast of light and shadow places!

(C) texture structure
Our world is so full of texture, whether man-made or natural architectural masterpiece, we can also find a lot of texture structure, followed by patterning and then think about how full of creative artistic works.

(IV) line shape
Line shape everywhere, suggests that they can make more use of silhouette, guide wires, diagonal composition, frame composition and other skills to shoot, whether urban, coastal or park, there are some subjects you can shoot!

High contrast black and white photos can highlight lines.

(E) Taking motion
Adjusted by the shutter, you can use a fast shutter speed to solidification dynamics, or long exposure to capture the passage of time: rails, water, light graffiti, sports, birds, pedestrians, and even the operation of the carousel, also use the shutter to capture the dynamic of a good subject. Remember when using slow shutter brings a tripod or on a stable place to shoot ah!

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shoot real love pictures

Children with emotional shoot real love pictures

Children with emotional shoot real love pictures

Hi, Hello, everyone, very happy to have this opportunity to share my ideas about children shooting experience.

First simply introduce myself, I'm a Ding Xiaoning, long coordinates in Yingkou, australia canvas prints online Liaoning. Engaged in art teaching. He is a year-old child's mother. I am not a professional photographer, but usually spare time favorite shot, but always felt that the painting is the creation of the picture elements in photography is the discovery and interception, is also to meet the visual beauty of the action, you can understand and use each other, so that photography has become my biggest hobby.

Photography formal contact has been more than three years, canvas prints au for a long time in the self-study. A year ago, I lost time, met a great teacher Gyeonlee, he and I said, we do not lack beautiful fantasy picture, lack of sincere emotion. I touch, I slowly found its way to one of the photo – with some real emotion to record love picture.

Today you want to talk with you, I was taken in the past few years to communicate ideas and basic ideas of late, there are some nagging, or may not mind a lot of friends looking forward to dry, photo canvas print and this is not necessarily suitable shooting mode most very small partner, but I really want to get even closer to a more child's life taken way to share with you.

First talk about the equipment I use it, the body is Canon 5d3, shot with Canon 35L and 50mm, f1.4, focal length 35 home use, outdoor use 50 focal lengths, occasionally use 70-200. Raw format shooting. However, It is recommended to practice good jag format of the original film, master exposure as much as possible in the early days to make the original film better. Shooting, 35 can make me more intimate contact with children, playing with children I often interact with single-shot handset, and a large aperture and focal length is also very suitable for dimly-lit indoor space shortage. Its focal length documentary is also very strong. Can contain more environmental. 50, I often used outdoors, the children went to the outdoors, larger scope of activities, but 50 words, the child still with me very close, and it is relatively small and light, it can save a lot of physical strength to be maintain adequate both blur. Then share some of my recent children's film shot for everyone. Perhaps you can see the status of my shooting and the environment from the screen inside.

As you can see, he is taken in the child's own home and outdoors, no assistants, no props are not children, did not utilize photography lights, done in natural light. It's all built on real-life basis. Three years ago, so I do not shoot, then will prepare some costumes and background. Each client packages to get home. Slowly I take things less and less, and now, I just took my camera. Real change from last year, the teacher told me to be more optimistic about the film, so I read a lot of foreign large number of excellent works, a favorite of the Japanese daily life photography, heart felt, and is more suitable for the child's records because their shooting is associated with love!

I wish to express the screen. Eventually return to the emotion. Whether equipment, color, composition, how emotional I put the first one. When the screen with honest emotions of love, I believe will be memorable, and that will be moved soon captured the children's parents, including myself.

And then we talk about how I complete a shot. Will use some with pictures, the picture you can see the details of rhythm and exchange shooting.

Early communication: from the time of reservation shooting from parents, they begin to communicate, I will ask whether the shooting mode of understanding life, whether fully receive photographers shooting and shooting recommendations philosophy, this is very important, only really understand identity and only the next shot. Probably should first understand the child's age, gender, you can see more of her mother's circle of friends, to see a lot of children's lives and learning picture, these are communication in preparation for the shooting.

Say home shooting: In the morning of the shooting, for example, to children at home, mostly around eight in the morning, watch the children time to get up to be, some children get up early or outdoor locations farther on a little earlier. I think every individual. Family is very important place where children grow up, learn to love it here, where no one can replace her, so I will choose to shoot at home. Each child's age, personality, growth environment is different, and requires more patience to understand, some shy, some cheerful, some just one month, some teenagers. I sometimes admire his point is, I cannot only come when Yuesao, but also to get along with adolescent children, this is a very fortunate thing, the children's favorite, so every time I successfully completed shooting. So, I think the child photographer also learning more skills in order to better accomplish the shooting of different objects.

Say select some clothing details: going to the house, the selection of shooting clothing, clothing is all children of their own, some require pure parents to communicate in advance. The shooting did not meet the requirements, will give recommendations to buy, I have many times are accompanied by parents decide to go to the market, or micro-channel photo shoot clothing selection, this is a very patient and meticulous preparation. Clothing with simple, natural, non-metallic materials with the best, not gaudy, must fit. The right clothes, and then the shooting is very important, and even determine the quality of this film, because the choice of clothing has already begun to colour screen. Choose the correct clothing, you can shoot.

Wash up, eat breakfast, these are my love shooting, if too early, I did not eat breakfast will be ready ahead of time to tell my parents a copy of the child will eat together and, if the first meeting of the child during this period we will recognize familiar, they feel able to come home and eat with him who should be trusted. If a child repeatedly filmed, will be like old friends, entertain me breakfast. When eating, do not forget to capture all kinds of children during the meal, but also to adjust the child before shooting meal position, pay attention to the direction of light, indoor light generally do not do so of man, facing the light source can not be wrong!

I also love making Super bath. This time does not deliberately guide, because they themselves will play a very Hi! Children toys have the exact words to be used. Many families of the bathroom light are not very good, if the home will be easy to move the lighting good bathing place by the window, if it does not fit, we had to improve sensitivity shooting. I often single-handedly lift the water with one hand and shoot. Do not rule out the possibility of a wet body.

Home shooting time, about one and a half to two hours, eating breakfast, or both, in relation to the play. Every time the child into the room, I would observe, observe their room toys, books, and asked what he likes, what you can be willing to share with me. The next time, is a variety of interactions between us, can paint, read a book, you can take care of the family pet together, in short, is a variety of crazy …… I would choose the window of the place where the child's eyes will be very bright. Each shot I always wear white or light-colored clothes, so I cannot reflective panels, make clothes formed a natural reflection of the child's eyes, there will be a nice catch light. To avoid the messy stuff at home, I like to shoot details, the details of the composition make the picture more love. This time, captured content is really too much, the most important thing is for photographers to discover, to guide their children do you love to do!

Toys, children below the club house extremely large, can make use of all of them. It is very lively child. So he was always guided me, but also taught me a lot of natural scientific knowledge.

Good lighting can make the picture bright and transparent. Do not live up to the good son.

Like recording their eyes bright and attentive. Shooting I will not force my child to the camera, do not allow parents and children say, look at the camera aunt! Let them play freely under control, do not do dangerous things, in order to avoid a child from injury.

After the familiar, we are ready to go outside to play, and select outdoor location, I like fewer people, nature, and will avoid a lot of man-made structures. This time period often is ten o'clock, the sun had risen often, I like this time of light. Top-light shooting, pay more attention to children's scope of activities, if there are trees in place, it would be better to do, leaves the projection will be very pleasing light, or let them become a great background.
Time outdoors, but also the children time to explore, this process we will find a lot of interesting things together. Well, I have to do is to record them, so a variety of capture, videotaping, squatting shoot, shoot tummy, chasing debt. Personally, I like the multi-angle camera to record points, it is helpful to split narrative.

Top light shooting tips:
Some babies are relatively small, unsteady walk, can only sit or tummy, I will let family to prepare light-colored, light blue or white solid color small cushion placed under the body of the child, will form a very beautiful face is reflective and eyes. Big kids sometimes play directly on the reflective plate. So a lot of time using the reflector is used to play, the way light Bubu

Parental shooting, parental involvement, accompany the child to be in. Understand the parents''s work can be recorded more interesting picture of the family own mom and dad opened a teaching studio art. It is very interesting in the studio shoot.

At this time, I can be a stealth recorder, with their perspective to shoot, secretly pressing the shutter. They can happen to friends, get involved.

Play about an hour, we were hungry. So take the kids to lunch. Lunch will be Paipai Pai. The camera has been turned off for not, at any time to catch. Every time this time, the children are already familiar with and trust. They will be completely back to snack goods.

Happy end of the shooting, the time is probably about four hours or more. So record laughing children crying. They are recorded every year change lucky children encountered and their moms and dads are so cute, if not their love and trust, I may be difficult to adhere to such a model shoot down here, thank them!

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low light photography

FAQ about low light photography

FAQ about low light photography

For the beginner photography students, canvas prints nz usually in the daytime lit shot no big problem, but if it is in the environment or at night under dim, often tremor, weird colors, flash or lead to an unnatural situation, so each deterred students, in fact, 'low-light photography' is not too difficult, there are nine common questions about low light photography, learn it together!

(Q1) to take pictures in low light tremor situation. What should I do?
If you are holding the camera, canvas prints online you can use a large aperture lens, and then transfer large aperture (eg f / 1.4), which can effectively enhance the shutter speed, Ruoguo not enough, you can also increase the ISO speed, there the same effect. But be careful to lead the General Assembly aperture shallow depth of field; and ISO will make a high signal to noise, which should be accompanied with caution! Whether a method with that, bear in mind handheld 'Safety shutter' rule, so that it will not shake photo becomes blurred.

Using a larger aperture (f / 2.8) can increase the shutter speed, print on acrylic hand-held can also shoot sharp photos.

(Q2) low-light photography camera should I set it?
No tripod…
Using Aperture Priority, increase the ISO to ISO 800-3200 (depending on the light), transfer large aperture (f / 1.4-5.6), the shutter speed before pressing the shutter attention to whether the 'Safety shutter' requirements, such as the shutter is not fast enough Please upgrade ISO.

Tripod when…
Use the manual mode, the ISO down (such as ISO 100), according to the depth needed to adjust the aperture (the larger the aperture, the shallower the depth of field – teaching reference), if the target subject does not move, you can rest assured that use slow shutter to shoot.

Use a tripod to static body looks sharp. Low light shooting is very useful equipment.

(Q3) Should I save RAW profile?
Unless your card is no space, it is recommended to save when you're shooting RAW files (using RAW + JPG option), so you can use Photoshop or other post-production software to non-destructively modify photos, photo light and dark and tolerance will JPG than large, even if some of the JPG file overexposure or dark places use dead RAW files also have the opportunity to save!

Shooting RAW files has many advantages, such as low-light shadow position can be destructive push light for low light shooting useful.

(Q4) can shoot in low-light moving objects do?
Yes, but there will be a few difficulty. To make moving object shoot clear images, you need a faster shutter speed, so you will want to open the maximum aperture, ISO will rise proportionately, but the high ISO will make your photo becomes clear signal to noise. Another method is to use an external flash for fill light. So you get the ISO will not lift so much!

(Q5) How can you reduce noise in low light photo of it?
The best approach is to use when shooting low ISO, but sometimes you have to use high ISO, you can shoot RAW files, and then adjust the option 'Noise Reduction' in Photoshop's Camera Raw interface, the effect is delightful!

(Q6) why should I know the photo shoot out is overexposed or underexposed it?
The first is that you do not believe in the camera monitor to see light and dark, because the comparison is not accurate; but you can refer to the photo Histogram, look at the photo information will have severe left (too dark) or right (overexposure ) cases, but when watching the Histogram is only a reference, there is no absolute correct value and shape, after lots of pictures you will gain experience, watching the Histogram for their hearts desired brightness greater certainty.

(Q7) balance how should it be set?
As usual there is no fixed white balance settings, but you can first try to adjust the white balance to 'comply with the ambient light,' such as the street is a yellow street lights, the white balance can be set to 'tungsten' or 2700-3300K, of course, if you want to tone it down K cool photo number, otherwise it will increase!

Teaching Reference: White Balance Techniques – an important impact on the orientation of the color photos

(Q8) when a photo is dark. I should first upgrade ISO or slow shutter to capture it?
The short answer is 'to slow down the shutter,' because of the high ISO will make a photo signal to noise increases, but also reduces photo sharpness, but also pay attention to slow down the shutter is not available when you are holding the shutter is slower than 'safety shutter' , and when the subject is moving (such as Portrait), the shutter can not you put too slowly, so remember to upgrade ISO, although the final release, but it is not absolutely can not upgrade, to be alive.

When you can no longer slow shutter, you will have to upgrade ISO, but the high ISO will increase the signal to noise. This photo is taken with ISO12800 to see the signal to noise increased significantly.

(Q9) Why shoot camera does not respond after you press the shutter?
Very likely because you was unable to focus, so the camera will not start shooting, the situation in low light environment is very common, transferred to manual focus before shooting. You are required to place the focus toward the light, or directly using manual focus, so you should be able to successfully shoot it!

Reference Teaching: four methods to solve the knight failed to focus

Low light shooting is very interesting, because sometimes the naked eye cannot see the light through the camera's long exposure will be revealed, and in dim ambient light is often also full of flavor, so you must also learn from the students ah!

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