shoot endless photographic subjects

5 never shoot endless photographic subjects

5 never shoot endless photographic subjects

There are also different each person their favorite photographic subjects can be landscape, canvas printing nz portrait, macro, etc., but always find more shot seemed like no photographic subjects, If thou have a similar feeling, try a daily theme, training your eye camera super helpful ah! Pay attention when photographing these themes you can use any camera. Sometimes a simple DC portable or fixed focal length lens better!

(A) looking color
The world is full of color, you can try to establish their own set some goals, photo printing nz such as:

Photo Gallery theme colors (look for the red, orange, blue, etc.)
Strongly contrasting colors (such as red, green, blue, yellow, etc.)

Market / wet market is a good place to search for color!

(B) the lighting contrast
This theme is very interesting contrast of light and shadow, metal prints after taking the first point of the color, the camera can be transferred to black and white mode, and careful attention to lighting effects around, explore light and shadow appear, you can any time of the day this exercise, During the day I watch the sunrise, noon and sunset the sun; at night you can watch the light emitted by street lights, neon tubes and shadows it produces.
Even the color photos, you can find a strong contrast of light and shadow places!

(C) texture structure
Our world is so full of texture, whether man-made or natural architectural masterpiece, we can also find a lot of texture structure, followed by patterning and then think about how full of creative artistic works.

(IV) line shape
Line shape everywhere, suggests that they can make more use of silhouette, guide wires, diagonal composition, frame composition and other skills to shoot, whether urban, coastal or park, there are some subjects you can shoot!

High contrast black and white photos can highlight lines.

(E) Taking motion
Adjusted by the shutter, you can use a fast shutter speed to solidification dynamics, or long exposure to capture the passage of time: rails, water, light graffiti, sports, birds, pedestrians, and even the operation of the carousel, also use the shutter to capture the dynamic of a good subject. Remember when using slow shutter brings a tripod or on a stable place to shoot ah!

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