Record real and dream slow door sea photography 5 kinds of expression

Sea photography 5 kinds of expression

Record real and dream slow door sea photography 5 kinds of expression

In 2012, I watched a film entitled 'TimeScapes' (time landscape) of US National Park taken with time-lapse photography and high-speed photography. The images are clean and delicate, cheap canvas prints and the sharpness is amazing! Equally beautiful soundtrack, readily screenshots, can definitely take care of the desktop computer! Time-lapse photography and high-speed photography of the recording, 'fantastic and real' record of the Americas National Park starring, canvas print day and night stars, and the rough sea …… Since then by this true and fantastic record deeply attracted. Also decided to pick up the camera to record this real but it is beyond the human eye to see the fantastic scenery.

Slow shutter shooting applied to the sea, the endless waves of the slow-moving effect or in the fog, or drawing as a latte coffee cup in the pull of flowers, or as a mirror reflecting the sky, or spray splash Thousands silks water. Slow shutter shooting, the sky's clouds will be under the painful door into a different shape. And these effects with the naked eye cannot be directly seen, these scenes or shock or quiet or beautiful or have an impact…
Slow sea photography even if the same plane, the use of different expressions of shooting, shooting out of the effect will be completely different, which is the charm of the sluggish sea photography, the following details of the slow sea under five expressions.
1, splash reference shutter speed 1/10 s

Waves come fast, the impact on the rock quickly bounced off, just as the effect of a fireworks explosion called splashing shots. Splashing is also a very dangerous expression, we do not try it out easily, when shooting the best waterproof camera cover, in order to avoid corrosion of the camera into the water circuit board, I once shot in the volcanic spatter expression, a 5D3 Scrapped in there.

2, drawing reference shutter speed 1/4 s
The waves are also impacting fast, but the movement of the waves is not obstructed by the rocks, impacting on flat sandy beaches and leaving traces of waves like the willow-wicker chair, a technique known as brushed. Brushed this expression is also very difficult, the shutter speed can not be stereotyped, where 1/4 is a reference value, the best results of drawing and the impact velocity of the waves, the terrain conditions have a great relationship, can not be generalized, according to the scene suit one's measures. I shot in the sea in New Zealand, over there the beach is very gentle, the gradient is not big, the waves are not in a hurry, I have used 1s to drawing, so the shutter speed to 1/4 as the reference value, repeated testing. Brushed the best effect on Remember the two keywords 'silky', the effect of shooting out must be as silk, slightest into the buckle, cannot seem waves chaos together, but also like peeled lychee, smooth, can not shoot Intermittent feeling.

Drawing can be subdivided into 'front' and 'back', as the name implies, is the forefront of the pre-sentenced the sea water rushed in front of the camera press the shutter, the camera records the impact of the sea water is very impact moment called instant Before the rush, the general shooting before the need to violent surfing and there is no obstruction of large obstacles, and press the shutter when the need to predict, very test the photographer's experience of the sea. 'Sea' a 'tree' and 'mysterious sea hole' is used impulse expression.
'Backtracking', as its name implies, is a function of the gravity of the Earth. The camera registers the process of returning the waves to the sea from the lens. Backtracking this expression is also subject to terrain constraints, if it is a smooth beach, it is best to have some pebbles, shells, or pieces of ice embellishment, so when the retrospective shot back waves were slightly obstructed, the waves or into Gravel divided into filaments, or blocked by large obstacles, drawing a romantic heart-shaped.

If the rock is not high and low shot back retroactive, glass prints the water flow in the back flow is far from the impact of the time when the power of large, fast, slowly back to the sea water can be brushed silk, general, if the rock larger drop back time Take a small waterfall feeling.

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